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Kokkolan Lauluveikot (“Kokkolas Song Brothers”) was founded in 1928. It is the oldest Finnish speaking male choir in the Central Ostrobothnia region. The choir performs regularly in Kokkola and the local region and around Finland, recently in Fredericia, Denmark and the Ylläs Acappellas choir festival in Lappland.

Kokkolan Lauluveikot at the Back to the 60's spring concert in 2013.

Kokkolan Lauluveikot at the Back to the 60’s spring concert in 2013.














The choir has traveled to several European countries and also to USA and Canada. The first trip abroad the choir made was to Fredericia, Denmark  in 1954. After that Lauluveikot has taken part in several Scandinavian Days events in the sister cities of Kokkola, Frediricia, Kristiansund (Norway) or Härnosand (Sweden). Latest trips have been to Fredericia in 2014 (the whole choir) and to Tenerife in 2013 (the Senior choir). Our latest trip in Finland was to Lapland, the Yllas Acappellas choir festival in September 2014.

The choir has about 60 active members and three groups that mostly rehearse separately but perform together several times every year. The main choir sings all kinds of music and regularly co-operates with other local groups like the women’s choir Kokkolan Naislaulajat and the men’s choir Laulu-Jaakot from our neighbor city Pietarsaari. The choir also has joint projects with Kokkolan Ääniaallot society (“Kokkola Soundwaves”) which seeks to advance the heritage of local popular and jazz music.

Ottopojat (“Adopted Sons”) is our training group that new singers can join easily. They sing mostly popular music like hits from the 1960’s to 1990’s.

The very active Senior Choir is available for all all older singers also after they leave the main choir. The wives of choir members have their Laulusiskot (“Choir sisters”) group.

The main choir and Ottopojat are lead by two music and voice teachers with close ties to Lauluveikot all the way from childhood: Mari Sillanpää and Heli Uusimäki. The Senior Choir is lead by director cantus Erkki Keskinen. As of September 2014, Erkki has been with Lauluveikot for 55 years!


Ottopoikia potretissa Stenan majoilla syksyllä 2014. Muutama pääkuorolainen (ja Mari!) olivat myös matkassa :)

Our ”Adopted Sons” with Heli Uusimäki at ”Stenan majat” cottages in Ylläs, Lapland in September 2014. A few guys from the main choir and our other leader, Mari Sillanpää where there too!


Kokkolan Lauluveikot Pohjoismaisten päivien lipunnostotilaisuudessa Fredericiassa Tanskassa 5.6.2014.

Kokkolan Lauluveikot at the Nordic Days festival in Fredericia, Denmark on June 5th 2014.



Kokkolan Lauluveikot and Kokkolan Naislaulajat at the final rehearsal of the advent concert of 2013 in Kokkola’s main church. Mari Sillanpää is leading the choirs.


Kokkolan Lauluveikot versus Laulu-Jaakot from our neighbor town Pietarsaari at "choir war" concert in 2012

Kokkolan Lauluveikot versus Laulu-Jaakot from our neighbor town Pietarsaari at ”choir war” concert in 2012